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Outreach Policy for Sourcing & Recruiting

Welcome to Double AB (called “Double” below) Outreach Policy for Sourcing & Recruiting.

We take data privacy seriously and all our services are up to date to make sure that all personal information is safe and handled correctly. At Double your data is processed in accordance with applicable personal data legislation and General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Double offers different types of recruiting services (called "Recruiting Services" below) to employers that have expressed a need to find and recruit new people. The Services are performed by experienced recruiters and also automated through apps and tools to simplify the work and meet the demands of a fast growing market.

This document explains how Double handels personal data that is obtained when customers use the Recruitment Services.

Data subject

The data subjects are candidates that can be identified through personal data like name, email, title and other generic information.

Any data that is used via the Recruitment Services has the explicit and legitimate purposes of recruiting candidates to employers.

Data controller

The data controller for the Recruitment Services is the employer, personal data is processed on behalf of the employer who is looking to employ people.

Data processor

The data processor for the Recruitment Services is Double and is processing data on behalf of the employer. Double only processes professional and non-sensitive information.

Purpose of processing data

The purpose of processing candidate data is to help employers find and hire great people that match their needs and to help candidates to find great job options that can improve their careers and lives.

Data sources

The personal data is obtained from the employer or from public websites where the candidates have made their personal data available to the public.

Notifying candidates about personal data

Double notifies candidates about processing their data within a reasonable period after their personal data is obtained. The message includes information such as the purposes of the processing, the data source, what information is being processed, for how long and the candidates rights under GDPR.

Storing and deleting data

Double stores data for processing for as long as the data is needed to perform the Services on behalf of the employers. Candidates can ask Double to delete or de-identify their data at any time.