About HiCareer

Navigating the Career Path

HiCareer streamlines the journey for businesses and talent alike, bridging the gap. Our intuitive career platform connects companies with ideal candidates, fostering growth and fulfilling career aspirations efficiently.

Our story

In 2019, we set out to create a job-matching platform designed to meet the unique needs of dynamic work environments and thosewho excel within them. We recognized early on that individuals attracted to these settings value speed, influence, rapid decision-making, and innovative thinking, and are deeply committed to their work.

Through engaging with thousands of job seekers and numerous companies, we aimed to identify the essential elements that traditional recruitment processes were missing, and why many felt disconnected from them.

These discussions laid the groundwork for our platform, crafted to simplify and refine the job-matching process, making it more accurate and enjoyable for all involved.

Meet our team

We’re an entrepreneurial bunch of marketers, engineers and founders, with massive ambitions and zero tolerance for anyone who says we can’t do it. We’re rebels, dreamers and doers, with an uncompromised goal to make the best career platform there ever was.

  • Dejan Spasenoski

    Tech & Sales

  • Fredrik Johansson

    TA & Sales

Our product

We believe there are too many recruitment solutions available, yet far too few good matches. This is why we settle for nothing but the best possible fit for the thousands of candidates that sign up on HiCareer monthly.

HiCareer makes it easier than ever before for companies to find, attract and hire world-class talent.

Our candidates

Users on our platform prioritize freedom and flexibility, along with responsibility and autonomy, thriving in environments that are dynamic, encourage innovation, and allow for continuous out-of-the-box thinking. Many come with experience from reputable companies across the global tech industry. Although not all are in active job search mode, they stay open to new opportunities that match their professional goals.

Our customers

If you're aiming beyond the satisfactory to find a standout candidate who consistently exceeds expectations and challenges limits, we're likely aligned. Should you be at a pivotal stage in your business, urgently needing individuals ready to assume comprehensive responsibility and scale with you, our paths are destined to cross.

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What others are saying

“An amazing accuracy on candidates, where all our dream wishes came true in every candidate presented.”

Mikael Söderlindh
Co-founder, Häxan

“Working with HiCareer is fun, simple and fast-paced, resulting in great candidates.”

Andreas Johansson

“We put a lot of thought and effort into our cultural values, and so does HiCareer. Having that in common feels great.”

Linus Johansson

“What makes HiCareer stand out is the deep understanding of organizations such as ours, and what type of people fits here, which results in spot-on candidates.”

Johanna Axiander

Why we do it

We move people to jobs they love because we're convinced that loving what you do not only leads to a better personal life but also enables a greater impact on a larger scale, allowing you to change the world for the better, step by step.

Our commitment to our customers is to help them find the best possible matches for their unique businesses and journeys in the easiest and fastest way. We fuel their growth with candidates that fit like a glove.

Furthermore, we advocate for freedom. Our uncompromised belief is that we perform our best when we are genuinely trusted and allowed to do so on our own terms.